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New Facebook Features!

1. VR headset Oculus Go now on sale

Facebook, owner of Oculus, called the Oculus Go the “first really affordable” VR headset on the market, and claimed it has the “highest quality lenses and optics that we have ever built into a VR device”.

2. Oculus TV released later in May

this Oculus Go-exclusive app, puts you inside of a virtual theater, where you can start a virtual “Watch Party” with up to four friends, and check out both 2D and 3D content, either live or on-demand. You’ll also have access to live events through Oculus Venues, an app for virtually attending ticketed events like concerts, sporting events and theater shows. When it releases later this month for Go and Gear VR, Oculus Venues will debut live concerts, MLB and NBA games, and standup comedy shows.

3. Instagram and Messenger add Augmented Reality (AR) Camera Effects

At last year’s F8, Facebook showed off its new AR technology, which lets you insert 3D animated creations into your photos and videos. Now, the company has brought its AR Camera Effects suite directly into Instagram and Facebook Messenger, so you can add things like face filters, “world effects” or 3D objects into your feed. 

4. Facebook Messenger is getting a redesign

Facebook Messenger may be getting new features like 4K photos, AR effects and AI translation tech. Facebook plans to remove the games and camera tabs on the bottom, shrinking the friend bubbles a bit, and even adding what looks like a night mode option. 

5. Update Instagram chats and WhatsApp calling

Instagram users can now use video chat to connect with people through the app. Up to four people can join the chat at once, and you’ll be able to browse around inside the app while your friends sit in a thumbnail in the corner. Facebook has also added a similar option to WhatsApp called Group Calling, which also allows up to four people onto one call.

Source: Tech Radar - Article

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