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Instagram Stories - Why and how to use them?

With over 400 million people using Instagram Stories every day, the format is definitely not something to ignore. But as with every new feature, getting to the point of using it optimally is really a challenge.

Why use Stories?

  1. They're another touchpoint with your followers  Some of them may prefer watching short stories rather than scrolling through an Instagram feed seeking your content.

  2. They’re one of the few clickable formats on Instagram So brands can use them to drive sales, traffic, and leads. It’s not just sending a message. 

  3. They help brands show their human face, or showcase content In particular content that wouldn’t usually fit your feed: for example live video from events.

How to use Stories?

Use Stories as an extension of your communication, not a replacement or copy. Instagram Stories content should differ from what you publish on your other profiles.

Some tips:

  • Use ‘Questions’ for contests

  • Use ‘Polls’ to influence your business decisions

  • Swipe up your business (available from 10.000 followers on)

  • Add shoppable products

  • Provide sneak peeks & teasers

  • Use Highlights

  • Repost Stories & posts

  • For maximum results, post one to seven Stories

  • Post during “out of work hours”

  • Post your best Stories content first

  • Post consistently to Stories

Sources: Buffer & Wersm

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Jun 05

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