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Engagement on Instagram - Everything you need to know

Updated: May 6, 2021

With over a billion users, Instagram is dethroning Facebook and becoming the new #1 social media platform. The reason marketers are so keen on advertising on Instagram is all about Instagram Engagement.

In a recent study Socialbakers found out what exactly makes Instagram so engaging.

#1: Instagram’s algorithm favors relevant content

#2: Users spend a lot of time on Instagram

#3: Instagram is a highly visual platform

#4: Instagram enables creativity

#5: Instagram is home to engaging content creators

Some other highlights of this research:

  • Brands can generate over 4x(!) more interactions on Instagram compared to Facebook - one more reason for your business to start 'gramming!

  • Brands get as much as 37% of their total Instagram impressions from Stories, meaning that users are actively interacting with the format.

  • The share of Instagram ads placements is on the rise, reaching 43% in March 2018. In other words: out of all the ads marketers launched on Facebook and Instagram, almost half were run on the latter platform.

Read the full article here.

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