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What to share on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s algorithm shows the audience what they think will be most relevant to them, rather than what was posted most recently. How the algorithm works:

The LinkedIn Algorithm Favors:

  • Engagement soon after posting as well as posts receiving consistent attention and engagement.

  • Likes, shares, comments, views, particularly from influential members – LinkedIn analyzes users’ influence by measuring their data and editorial history, who engages with them, how fast they are growing their followers and overall how much they are contributing to conversations as an expert.

  • Content optimized for mobile.

  • High quality content tailored to users’ interests and behavior as well as quality content within the larger LinkedIn community.

  • Diversity in post-type: try videos, images, links to articles, plain-text posts and shared posts from your team members.

  • Professional growth advice.

  • Native content including videos, articles and images.

  • Posting at least daily and keeping cadence irregular.

Organic Content Types.

Links - Use these posts for company updates, reports or tools. When posting content on LinkedIn, try replacing the link preview with a custom image and posting the link as the first comment to encourage users to engage in the conversation

LinkedIn articles - LinkedIn page admins can search their audience’s (page followers’) interests and find trending articles, then share them to their audience. Search through employees’ own high-performing content or mentions from your community and share from the company page.

Videos - LinkedIn’s algorithm prefers posts with native videos and users themselves are 20x more likely to share a post that includes a video. Aim for one to two minutes and include subtitles.

Images and text - These posts allow you to post either an image or text (or both) with or without a link. These can be great as conversation starters, questions, or regularly scheduled “chats” with your audience. Add the link in the caption or as a comment on the post.

To increase reach and engagement, take advantage of your top influencers, your employees: Peer to peer comms is always more effective than branded communications, so encourage employees to share their own content, always tagging the company page.

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