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Facebook Hashtags

Facebook is finally starting to push the use of hashtags in posts to increase organic reach.

Hashtags on Facebook first launched clear back in 2013 and, frankly, never really seemed to take off and never made much difference. In fact, for many users that auto-publish Instagram posts to Facebook, complete with a ton of hashtags, it never looked right... until now!

  • Find hashtags by typing in the search bar, just like on Instagram.

  • Unlike on Instagram, Facebook hashtag feeds do not show the number of hashtags, or related hashtags. Nor can you follow a hashtag yet.

  • The posts you see in Facebook hashtag feed pages are only publicly visible posts from profiles and pages, and from friends if shared to friends only.

  • Build your own groups of hashtags to paste into various posts for specific purposes, just like on Instagram.

  • Try using Instagram's search to discover the right hashtags for you, including related hashtags.

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