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Top 5 Instagram Metrics To Track In 2019

If you are new to Instagram metrics you might think all this info could be overwhelming but whenever you dive into the understanding of Instagram metrics, you will definitely be able to identify your audience's online behavior.

The top 5 Instagram Metrics to track in 2019 are;

1. Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is a key indicator on how your audience is responding to your content, with likes, comments and sharing.

2. Best Time To Post

This time slot means that your audience is the most active during the day. In this way you would probably see more engagement if you post at the best time. This can be seen in your statistics page on your profile.

3. Reach

Your reach rate are the number of unique views your posts, Instagram Stories, video posts, and ads will are getting in one period of time.

4. Instagram Stories Audience Retention Rate

Here you can see if your Instagram Stories are doing well amongst your audience.

5. Traffic and Sales From Instagram

Traffic and Sales from Instagram is showing your which kind of post is performing best regarding selling your products.

For more information about the Top 5 Instagram Metrics, click here.

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