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Three tips for influencer marketing

Social media usage is still increasing, so new opportunities in social media marketing constantly arise. Influencer marketing is one of the channels that is gaining popularity. In this blog we hand you 3 tips that will help you become a real pro on influencer marketing. 

1. Be very selective

Regardless of the budget of your campaign, the focus of choosing the right influencers should always be on the match between brand and influencer. Quality ranks way and above quantity. Do your research properly and decide what kind of influencers are relevant to your niche. Then delve even deeper into each individual and the demographics of their audience: the highest ROI will come from an influencer who is as closely aligned to your brand as possible. Festival content is especially suitable for lifestyle and fashion influencers.

2. Use Micro-influencers

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands of euro’s or dollars. Working with a handful of micro-influencers might deliver great results. All at a fraction of the cost of only one celebrity influencer. Furthermore, micro-influencers are scattered across industries. This means that there’s an influencer for every brand or industry!

3. Build a relationship to benefit on the long-term

Influencer marketing can not only be used to hype this year’s event; influencer content can also help to build on the festival’s image. When influencers attend an event and post about its highlights, they create enthusiasm for next year’s event. Through videos, pictures and words, they are able to make an event memorable, even to those who weren’t there. In short: next to the pre- and at-engagement, make sure you don't forget the post-engagement!

Starting with influencer marketing right now? We can help you choose the right influencers!

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