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The new Facebook Vision

Facebook’s corporate mission is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

They want to empower people, that is why facebook groups and chats become more important. You should place your ads more outside the Newsfeeds, our advice is to focus (even) more on Stories and Messenger!

Facebook groups Facebook Groups will become more important over time. There are two marketing strategies you can apply in Facebook groups:

  • Awareness, make the people in the group aware of your brand

  • Content, add valuable content to the group, for example, a wanted product with a link to your site

WhatsApp advertising WhatsApp just started to test with ads. Advertising on WhatsApp will be launched in 2020. This is what we know for now:

  • The status is probably the first place where ads will be shown.

  • Ads can be shown in between messages.

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