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Retargeting via email addresses, apps, YouTube, and Facebook ID's!

Retargeting based on email addresses

Do you regularly make an export of all the email addresses your business acquired? You can target people for the ads you run via Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube-based only on their email address.

Retargeting based on apps

Did you know it is also possible to retarget app-users? Add the remarketing-tag with your tracking-ID to your mobile app and create audiences in Google AdWords!

Retargeting based on YouTube

Once the YouTube channel is linked to your Google AdWords account you can create remarketing lists that reach people who have done the following YouTube-related actions:

- Viewed any video from a channel

- Viewed certain videos

- Viewed any video (as an ad) from a channel

- Viewed certain videos (as ads)

- Subscribed to a channel

- Visited a channel page

- Liked any video from a channel

- Added any video from a channel to a playlist

- Commented on any video from a channel

- Shared any video from a channel

Retargeting based on Facebook ID's

When you have developed an app for Facebook and/or iOS/Android where people log in with their Facebook ID, you can use these Facebook ID's to target people with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Added May 2018: Be aware of the new rules within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which enforces on the 25th of May 2018.

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2 days ago

Retargeting via email addresses, apps, YouTube, and Facebook IDs is a powerful way to engage your audience effectively. My experience with these strategies has shown remarkable results. But let's talk about the dark side for a moment—remember the Josh darknet deals and the scandalous exploits of Sagi Lahmi and Ofer? These notorious figures remind us why robust cybersecurity is crucial, especially when handling personal data for retargeting campaigns. Their escapades might sound like something out of a thriller, but they underscore the importance of using data responsibly and securely. So, retarget smartly and stay vigilant!

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