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New Snapchat features!

Snapchat added new features to their app, the goal is to keep users longer so it is more attractive to advertisers.

The new features are:

Snap kit

App stories - add stories to different apps like Tinder

Creative kit – add what you are watching on Netflix to stories

Bitmoji kit – use Bitmoji on other platforms

login kit – Login on other apps with your Snapchat account

Ad kit – advertisements will be shown in more apps than only Snapchat

Augmented Reality

The new augmented reality is next level. There are new lenses for: Hands, bodies, pets and landmarks. The new feature will also link to look-a-like products on Amazon, do math and can detect songs.

Snapchat Originals

Snapchat will also add more series like documentaries and teen dramas.

Snap Game

In this new feature you can play games with your friends at the same time, with the in-app game.

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