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Is TikTok the new way to reach your audience between 16 and 24?

TikTok (before named is one of the most popular apps at the moment, with 800 million downloads. On the app you can make short videos of 15 seconds and post them. In the video you can lip sync and dance on popular music. After you share the video you can collect and give likes, you can also send messages to each other.

Advertising possibilities:

-       Brand Takeovers: Ads that appear when users first open the app

-       Native Video Ads: Ads that are natively placed into a TikTok video. These will direct to your website or apps.

-       Video Challenges: Ads that encourage content creators to participate in a hashtag promoting your business.

-       Branded Filters and Lenses: Lenses and Filters similar to those on Snapchat.

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