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Instagram Business Profiles Analysed. The learnings..

Social media analytics company quintly carried out a study in which it analysed the usage of Instagram by looking at the performance of over 44K Instagram Business profiles and over 8.9 million posts between January and September 2018.

These are the main findings:

  • Instagram profiles grew up to 33% this year. 

  • Videos received up to 21% more interactions.

  • Short captions of 1-50 characters result in the most interactions, nevertheless over 31% of the studied posts had long post captions (> 300 characters).

  • At profiles from 1K till 10M followers, using 0 hashtags results in the most interactions; for profiles with up to 1K followers adding 1-3 hashtags works best in terms of interactions.

  • Adding 1-3 emoji's in your posts brings most interactions. Yet over 50% of the profiles doesn't use emoji's.  

  • There are 22,3% more interactions on weekends.

You can get access to the study by signing up here.

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