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Instagram & advanced Facebook Page Analytics

Facebook recently announced adding Instagram and advanced Facebook Page analytics (beta) to Facebook Analytics. This is a beta feature that can help you better understand the impact that Instagram and Pages have on your business goals.

You can use it to:

  • Gain more insight into the overlap between your Instagram Audience, Facebook Page Audience and website visitors.

  • Segment users who have engaged with your Instagram or Page content and stories to see how they contribute to revenue, retention and other business outcomes.

  • Build funnels to see how users go from your Instagram or Page content to your app or website along a path to conversion.

  • Analyze the difference in users (and their behavior) acquired by paid vs organic page posts or paid vs. organic Instagram stories.

Access to the new features is being rolled out within the next few months, and you should receive an email and notification within Facebook Analytics when they are available to you. You can also request access.

If you'd like more guidance on setting set up Instagram and Pages in your Facebook Analytics dashboard, check out Facebook's step-by-step guide here.

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