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Get started with E-Commerce on TikTok

TikTok has been testing so-called social commerce in the past few years. Social commerce includes e-commerce links that enable the purchase of various products within the app and represents a new method for progressive marketers to advertise and sell their own products.

Creators help to humanize brands and are seen by many enthusiastic, mostly young people. This is what almost every e-commerce entrepreneur dreams of. Also back in October 2020, the platform announced cooperation with Shopify to enable the more than one million merchants using the Canadian shop system, to reach the younger audience on TikTok. This makes in-app shopping possible, which further pushes the social commerce aspirations of TikTok.

Furthermore, the almost non-existent hurdles speak for an advertising attempt as a growth-oriented e-commerce company at TikTok. The platform enables managers and ambitious marketers to experiment with a new promising phenomenon and to develop new target groups.

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