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Exclude buyers on Facebook/Instagram

Most of you don't want to spend any more money on reaching people who already purchased. That is why we explain a few ways to exclude buyers on Facebook/Instagram in this blog.

1. Facebook ID

If people buy tickets via a(n) (self-developed) app, the Facebook ID's of these people can be exported, by which you can create the audience 'buyers' which you exclude in every Facebook/Instagram paid campaign. In this way, people will not see any advertisements on Facebook when they're logged on with the Facebook account which is linked to the excluded Facebook ID. When the Facebook account has an Instagram account linked to it, ads won't be shown to this person in Instagram either.

Note: this is a good way to exclude, but ID's are not always saved and/or exported and it is a time consuming process to update the ID's daily.

2. Email address

If someone buys a ticket via a Facebook/Instagram account that is linked to the email address by which someone bought a ticket, then you can create the audience 'buyers' and exclude these in all marketing campaigns in Facebook/Instagram. This person will not see any advertisements on Facebook when they log on with that particular email address.

Note: the registered email addresses are not always linked to a Facebook/Instagram account and it is a time consuming process to update the email addresses daily.

3. Specific URL

If people want to buy a ticket, they always have to follow a certain path and all will land on a specific URL, for example with /checkout, /thankyou, /confirmation or /download in it.

This URL can only be visited when the purchase process is completed. You can make a 'custom audience' which is formed by all the people who visited this URL (in other words: made a purchase). This audience will be updated real-time, therefore this is a one-off adjustment and so a much less time consuming process than the other two options. The last step is to exclude this custom audience from all Facebook/Instagram marketing campaigns.

Concluded: the last option is the best and easiest way to exclude buyers. There's only one disadvantage and that is that it works per device, so if someone buys on desktop, the ads will be shown on other devices (such as tablet and mobile).

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