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Effective B2B-targeting for Google Ads

We are used to the fact that B2B-targeting comes with immense challenges within the field of online marketing, however, this is bound to change in the future since new target audiences emerge. Meet Google’s new beta B2B search audiences. With this, you will quickly and effectively target your audience!

B2B search audiences

The B2B search audiences are subdivided into two categories: the size of the company and the branch of this company.

You can target based on the size of the corporation:

  • A small employer

  • A medium-sized enterprise

  • A large corporation

  • An extremely large corporation

Or target in a particular subdivision:

  • The construction industry

  • The real estate branch

  • The financial branch

  • The health sector

  • The hotel and catering industry

  • The educational sector

  • The manufacturing industry

  • The technology industry

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