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6 Tips to give your checkout conversion a boost

The bottleneck of the online customer journey is the checkout process. Will the lead then be converted into a sale, or will the customer drop out? With these 6 tips you can give your checkout conversion a boost and hopefully you will receive more conversions.

1. Make sure your payment page is 'clean'

Minimalize the steps customers need to walk though to pay and make sure there are no distractions like pop-ups, etc.

2. Leave obligations behind

Make sure the customer doesn't have to open a new account. 'Musts' are a huge conversion killer.

3. Less is more

Be clear of what you expect from the customer; ask for street + house number instead of address or make use of auto-fill.

4. What to expect?

Make use of a roadmap when there are a few steps to go through.

5. Be clear about additional costs

Be clear about additional costs like VAT and shipping before starting the payment(s).

6. Make use of payment service provider

With the presentation of a payment provider you show that your web site has undergone a review and will give the customer a feeling that the website can be trusted.

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